Why is Abdullah exhorting Yasin Malik to sacrifice, why doesn’t Omar render a sacrifice, asks Sajad Lone

Srinagar: In response to the statement of National Conference President Farooq Abdullah in which he ‘congratulated Yasin Malik for his sacrifices’, Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone said that he is not surprised by Abdullah’s utterly disdainful hypocrisy but pained at the audaciousness of his utterances.

Sajad said that Farooq Abdullah is nothing but a ‘shameless elite exhorting the proletariat to sacrifice their lives while his family enjoys monarchical concessions.’

“Do you really have the nerve to be talking about Yasin Malik? Can you jog your memory a bit and recall that did you not as Chief Minister in 1987 chase a young rebellious Yasin Malik from being a rebel within the political system to picking up arms? Was it not you as Chief Minister who imprisoned him before and after 1987 elections? Was it not you as Chief Minister who ordered his third-degree torture and tortured him so badly that his heart ailment worsened? Was it not you as Chief Minister who put a bounty of a few lakhs on his head? Have you forgotten all that?,” Lone said in a statement.

He added, “And 32 years later you are all praise for Yasin Malik and congratulating him for going on a hunger strike and his readiness to sacrifice his life. If you are so much in love with what Yasin Malik is doing, why don’t you suggest the same to your son Omar Abdullah? Why doesn’t he go on a hunger strike and render a sacrifice as you suggest for Yasin Malik? Or are sacrifices only meant for other people’s sons?”, he asked.

Sajad said that Farooq Abdullah is singularly responsible for forcing gun on to the peace loving Kashmiri people.

“Let me remind you that Yasin Malik was a part of the 1987 elections as a young member of the MUF. He was imprisoned after the rigging of 1987 elections and badly tortured. Had people like him been allowed to flourish, he may have been today where your son Omar Abdullah is. While he spent decades in jails, you and your son have prospered. He was no doubt rebellious even as a young college going student but had not lost faith in the ballot. It was your government which rigged the elections so blatantly that Yasin and scores of others lost faith in the ballot and embraced the gun. That was the start and till date approximately one lakh Kashmiris have lost their lives, and you and your ilk continue to flourish. What a shame. Delhi should also take note that as long as they go on treating the symptoms the disease will persist and never go away”, he asserted.

Sajad said that rather than punishing the victim repeatedly, Delhi should instead go after the ‘white-collar killers’ like Farooq Abdullah if they really want a change.

“I dare Delhi that If you really want a change in Kashmir, if you really have what it takes to bring about a change, go after these white-collar killers like Farooq Abdullah. It is he who is singularly responsible for forcing gun on to the peace loving Kashmiri people. The day Delhi starts to punish the traditional elite for their sins there will be a visible change in Kashmir”, he added.

Sajad said that Farooq Abdullah rather than wailing and chest beating should instead think about atonement for his sins.

“The victims of 1987 are being victimized yet again and the only addition is that the perpetrator of the victimization of 1987, Dr Farooq has slipped in and donned the role of a chest beater, ‘Rudali’. May we humbly suggest he seriously thinks about atonement. It is getting rather awkward that he slips in at any given chance and starts wailing and beating his chest incidentally for the sins that he has himself scripted in the past”, he concluded.

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