It is probably a wild bear, not Yeti: Nepal to Indian Army

Indian Army’s claim of sighting footprints of the mysterious creature ‘Yeti’ has been rejected by the Army of Nepal.

A Nepal Army officer said the footprints were likely that of a wild bear. Wild bears are known to frequent the region where an Indian Army team came across the giant-sized footprints.

Nepal Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Bigyan Dev Pandey, told Hindustan Times that a Nepal Army liaison team was with the Indian Army team when the footprints were sighted.

“A team of Indian Army had noticed the footprints and our liaison team was together with them… We tried to ascertain the fact, but locals and porters claimed that it is the footprints of wild bear that frequently appear in that area,” Pandey said.

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The Indian Army, recently, while sharing images on its official Twitter handle, said a mountaineering expedition team had found the Yeti’s “mysterious footprints measuring 32X15 inches”. The tweet was meant to “excite scientific temper,” said sources as the Yeti claim generated curiosity.


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