Congress dividing secular votes, helping BJP by ‘setting up’ two candidates in Ladakh: Akhtar

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday appealed the people of Ladakh to en-masse vote for Sajjad Kargilli and has termed him a voice of reason and rationality.

PDP senior leader Naeem Akhtar said that Sajjad Kargilli’s victory in upcoming parliament elections will strengthen the secular forces in the state as well as in the country. He added that Sajjad will be a voice of reason and rationality in the parliament.

Slamming Congress party for trying to divide the secular vote in Ladakh, Akhtar said that the party must make its stand clear that who their candidate is- whether it is Mr Spalzar or their proxy Mr Karbalai. “The Congress has obviously tried to help BJP by setting up two candidates to divide secular vote in the sensitive border region. if Mr Karbalai is fighting an election as an independent candidate and continues to be a member of Congress, it doesn’t need any evidence that the Congress party in the state is trying to help BJP,” said Akhtar and added that otherwise any other party would have expelled Mr Karbalai if it had filed nomination against the official candidate of the party.

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