150 huts of ‘Maratha Basti’ in Jammu destroyed in mysterious fire

In a mysterious fire, around 150 hutments of “Maratha Basti” in Jammu’s Tirkuta Nagar were turned into ashes. Cops  said that the cause of the fire is not yet know.

The police in a statement said, “A major fire broke out during midnight in “Maratha Basti” area of Trikuta Nagar. Some locals have said that they heard a sound of powerful explosion, which seems to be of cylinder blast.”

“There is no loss to human life or injury has been reported but property worth lakhs damaged in the fire,” said police. They added that seven fire tenders we’re pressed into service and it took two hours for them to control the flames.

“The location is known as “Maratha Basti” in Trikuta Nagar area,” they said and added that police is on job.

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