Jammu & Kashmir

Media painting dismal picture of Kashmir to hurt tourism: Governor Malik

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday said that media in Delhi is demonizing the situation to damage tourist industry and stabilization of peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.

“In my district (Muzafarnagar), five people are killed on the day when Panchayat polls are held in that state. Tourists are daily looted on the Meerut highway. There is no news about these incidents, but a killing in Kashmir is debated for five days on national news channels only to paint a dismal picture of the atmosphere of peace and security to demonise Kashmir situation which damages the prospects of tourist seasons and atmosphere of peace and security in Kashmir.”

Saying that he is scared of media’s false propaganda, Governor Malik urged the local media to avoid the false propaganda and instead highlight the positive sides of the situation in Kashmir to help people prosper.

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