Good in ‘weight and taste’, new variety of mango named after Amit Shah

Celebrated mango grower, Haji Kalimullah, popularly known as ‘Mango Man, has named a new variety of mango after Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Kalimullah said that he has been impressed by the personality of Shah “who possess the ability to weave the social fabric and bring people on to one platform”.

The new mango variety that is being named after Shah is both “good in weight and taste” and will be called “Shah” mango. The Shah mango is ready and is likely to ripen in the coming days when it will enter the market.

In 2015, Haji Kalimullah, a Padma Shri awardee, had named a eroyal variety of mango’ after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “It is my wish that I can offer him the king of fruits myself and I am confident that he will love it,” Kalimullah had said.

The Modi mango has a good taste and is also beautiful to look at with the fruit skin bearing lines of crimson and giving it a very rare and appealing hue.

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