Lynchings will not stop unless cow gets status of ‘Rashtra Mata’, says BJP MLA Raja Singh

The “war for gau raksha” (cow protection) and incident of lynchings will not stop till the time cow receives the status of “Rashtra Mata” (Mother of the Nation), a BJP MLA from Telangana T Raja Singh Lodh said on Sunday in a video message posted on a social networking website.

Known for his hate speech, Singh urged MPs to demand this in Parliament and said that he does not want “khoon-kharaba” (bloodletting) on the issue.

“Till cow is not accorded the status of ‘Rashtra Mata’, I feel the war for ‘gau raksha’ will not stop even if ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors) are put into jails or bullets are fired at them,” Singh said.

Seeking Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s support, Singh expressed that violence over cow protection will not stop until a ministry of cow protection is created in every state and stringent laws are enacted for gau raksha.

In a 7-minute clip, Singh claimed that media rakes up the issue when a cow smuggler is killed, however, incidents of cow protection activists being killed by cattle smugglers are ignored by media.

“Same day when Rakbar Khan was allegedly lynched, Kheta Ram Bheel a Dalit was also Lynched in Rajasthan by the Muslim family of the girl he loved. BUT MEDIA & other secular parties are not interested as all the accused are from Peaceful community which doesn’t suit their agenda,” he wrote on Twitter.

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