COVID: Govt evacuates 95,420 stranded JK residents

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67, 908 residents reach via Lakhanpur, 27,512 through COVID special trains

Jammu: Nearly, 95,420 JK residents have been evacuated by the Jammu and Kashmir government via Lakhanpur and through a network of special trains and buses till date amid strict observance of all necessary guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures aimed at safe and comfortable passage of stranded residents in the wake of COVID lockdown.

The concerned district administrations are pro-actively working to ensure that all returnees go through the medical screening for the Virus followed by 14-day quarantine to contain the spread of this deadly disease.

As per the official data received in this regard, the administrations of Jammu and Kashmir districts have received 34 COVID special trains at Jammu and Udhampur railway stations from different states and UTs, so far, with about 27,512 stranded passengers while about 67,908 persons have been evacuated by the government through Lakhanpur till date.

Meanwhile, about 652 passengers including students have already reached at Srinagar International Airport under Vande Bharat Mission through 4 COVID special flights.

Therefore, a total of about 95,420 J&K residents stranded outside UT have been brought back to the UT by the Jammu and Kashmir government by 34 COVID special trains, flights besides scores of buses through Lakhanpur after strictly observing all necessary preventive measures regarding the Virus.

As per the detailed break up about the figures, about 736 stranded passengers have entered through Lakhanpur from May 26 to May 27 morning while 715 passengers have reached today in the 14th Delhi COVID special train at Jammu.

So far, 14 trains have reached Jammu with a total of 11,872 stranded passengers belonging to different districts while 15,640 passengers have reached Udhampur in 20 special trains, so far.

As per the official communiqué, of 67,908 returnees evacuated through Lakhanpur till May 27, 2020 (morning) included 16296 from Punjab; 20635 from Himachal Pardesh, 21 from Andhra Pardesh, 6638 from Delhi, 1370 from Gujrat, 2858 from Rajasthan, 3932 from Haryana, 150 from Chattisgarh, 3414 from Uttarakhand, 1035 from Maharashtra, 4333 from Uttar Pradesh, 63 from Odisha, 267 from Assam and 998 from Madhya Pradesh, 88 from Dehradun, 1137 from Chandigarh, 684 from Telengana, 114 from Karnataka, 19 from Tamilnadu, 52 from Chennai, 303 from Bihar, 155 from West Bengal, 72 from Jharkhand, 3 from Nepal and 3271 from other states and UTs


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