‘Kashmir is my name’: Turkish songwriter pays tribute to Kashmir, singer Della Miles lends vocals

At a time where everybody is struggling with the deadly corona virus spreading, Kashmir is dealing with the lockdown and the conflict, which makes things more complicated for the residents.

To offer solidarity, Turkish songwriter, Turgay Evren from Istanbul has penned down a song “for the oppressed in Kashmir”.

“Kashmir is my name. This song written by me and performed by Della Miles, the world famous American singer known as Michael Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s vocalist. (This) goes to all the oppressed people of the world, deprived of freedom and justice,” Turgay Evren wrote on Twitter while sharing the song.

The song seemingly is made with an intention to empathise with the pain of Kashmiris.

The lyrics say, “which story can I tell… which pain can I sell?”

The lyrics attempt to ‘reveal the pain hidden behind the word, Kashmir’ with the words “Kashmir is my name. Massacre again and again” used in the Song.

This vocals have been lent by famous American Della Miles.

The song is being welcomed on twitter by the people in Kashmir, who, apparently seem to have a catharsis while listening to a song that ‘understands their pain and oppression’.


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