Refrain from changing demographic structure of disputed territory, OIC tells India on Kashmir

The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) Contact Group has called upon the OIC member states to raise the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in their bilateral engagements with India, in order to ‘safeguard the fundamental human rights of the Kashmiris’ and ensure the timely enforcement of the applicable UN Security Council Resolutions.

OIC has asked New Delhi to refrain from changing the demographic structure of Jammu and Kashmir and settle the dispute according to the resolutions passed by the United Nations.

The Group also asserted that Indian’s decision to revocate Article 370 and the aftermath of the communication blockade alongst the new domicile rules are in complete violation of the UNSC resolutions, international laws including the 4th Geneva Conventions, and India’s own formal commitments to implement UNSC resolutions.

In a virtual meeting held on Monday, OIC’s Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir reaffirmed the continued support for the people of J&K and called on the United Nations Secretary-General to use his good offices to make India abide by the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) resolutions and engage in dialogue to calm the situation in the region, a statement issued by the Muslim body on its website said.

“The Contact Group called on India to halt security operations against the people of Jammu and Kashmir immediately, respect basic human rights, refrain from changing the demographic structure of the disputed territory, and settle the conflict under the relevant UNSC’s resolutions,” the statement added.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan, Niger, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and chaired by OIC Secretary General, Dr Yousaf Al-Othaimeen.

According to the statement, Secretary General Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen inaugurated the meeting and stressed the OIC’s commitment to finding a peaceful settlement for the Jammu and Kashmir issue as per the relevant resolutions of the Islamic Summit, the Council of Foreign Ministers, and the international legitimacy.

“At the same time, I call on the international community to strengthen its efforts to assist the people of Kashmir to decisively practice their legitimate rights denied for decades,” said Othaimeen.

The communiqué rejected the newly-notified “Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Order 2020” and “Jammu & Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate Rules 2020” which ‘aimed at changing the demographic structure of J&K’.

The OIC emphasised that the question of Kashmir is of utmost importance for Muslim World and requested the General Secretariat and OIC affiliated and specialised institutions and subsidiary organs, to take necessary measures to ensure implementation of UN resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir.


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