Dead-bodies of COVID victims being dumped in mass grave in Karnataka, video emerges

The entire field team involved in this ‘disrespectful handling’ had been disbanded

Awareness needed for respectful handling of bodies, says Karnataka official after facing backlash over ‘disrespectful’ burials

In a disturbing video that emerged on Tuesday from Karnataka’s Ballari district, eight bodies wrapped in plastic were being dumped into a common pit for burial. These were believed to be of those killed by the COVID-19 virus.

Ballari Deputy Commissioner Collector SS Nakul, told NDTV that “humanitarian” aspect was under investigation and pointed out the bodies were wrapped in plastic – in line with government guidelines on disposing of the bodies of COVID-19 victims.

“We are enquiring into this. If you look at the video, the body is packaged properly. We need to look at it (on) humanitarian grounds. That is why this inquiry. We need to create awareness of this (respectfully handling of bodies), it is true, and action will be taken,” NDTV quoted SS Nakul as having said.

“On humanitarian grounds, this is not done. Individual cremation must be done. We will conduct an inquiry and take action,” the DC told to the news organization.

The entire field team involved in “the disrespectful handling of the bodies” had been disbanded and would be replaced by a new specially trained team.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa labelled the behaviour of the staff “inhuman and painful” and urged all staff to ‘tread cautiously, and with humanity, in handling the bodies and funerals of those affected by the virus’.


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