India removes chapters on secularism, democratic rights from school books

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‘Social Movements’ and ‘Regional Aspirations’ texts are done away with

‘Why do we need Local Governments?’, ‘Environment and Natural Resources’, entirely removed

Govt says 30% syllabus cut to ‘reduce burden’ in wake of COVID

New Delhi: In a ‘bid to reduce the burden’ on student community of India amid coronavirus outbreak, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has dropped the key chapters like Democratic Rights, Food Security in India, Federalism, Citizenship and Secularism from the school courses.

Terming the current circumstances as “extraordinary situation” due to the COVID outbreak, the board on Tuesday announced that the syllabus for 2020-21 would be reduced by a third percent.

Besides this, the board has also revised the Economics and Political Science courses for grades 9 to 12.

According to the notification issued by CBSE, the chapters completely deleted from the Class 11 Political Science syllabus include Federalism, Citizenship, Nationalism, and Secularism. In this subject, two units from the chapter ‘Local Government’ have been removed and those units include ‘Why do we need Local Governments?’ and ‘Growth of Local Government in India’.

Similarly, in Political Science syllabus for class 12, the board has entirely removed “Security in the Contemporary World”, “Environment and Natural Resources”, “Social and New Social Movements in India”, and “Regional Aspirations”.

Units dealing with “changing nature of India’s economic development” and “Planning Commission and Five Year Plans” have been removed from “Planned Development” chapter.

From the chapter “India’s Foreign Policy” that teaches about the relation of a country with other countries, have also been removed.

The countries removed by the board include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

The notification added that chapters in the book Indian Constitution including Democratic Rights and Structure have been removed from the Class 9 Political Science syllabus, while as a chapter on Food Security in India has been completely removed from the syllabus of Economic.

The subjects including “Caste, Religion and Gender”, and “Challenges to Democracy” from “Democracy and Diversity” subject have been removed from the syllabus of class 10.


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