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Kashmiris react to CNN-News18’s “exclusive” report on K-Twitter

“Where is my salary?” tweeted a netizen from Kashmir after an Indian news channel claimed that K Twitter was a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by Pakistan.

Earlier today English News Channel CNN-News18, did an “exclusive” news-break, “revealing” on air that India’s intelligence agencies have done a major “crackdown” on Kashmir’s social media.

The news organisation cited unnamed and unplaced “sources” which indicated to the channel that Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI, has devised new hashtags to be “relevant on twitter”.

The channel reported that hashtag, wait for it— K-Twitter, is an attempt to be active in spreading venom against the authorities.

“It (sources) has also indicated that major anti-national activities seem to be taking approval of this trend on twitter so that they are seen to be towards the Jehadi group.”

Spoiler Alert!

K-Twitter is a contraction of Koshur (Kashmiri) Twitter which refers to the Kashmiri community on twitter.

The community includes various Kashmiri journalists, academicians, students and every Kashmiri who tweets from Kashmir.

Soon after being aired on television, the news reached K-twitter and here’s how Kashmiris reacted to it:

Netizens sarcastically debated who amongst them was getting paid the highest.

The channel claimed they are the first to report how Pakistan Army and ISI has deployed almost 550 people on social media for Kashmir.

“Since Pakistan can’t win the narrative on ground, they will try and take it to cyberspace and try to create a lot of misinformation,” Anand Narasimran, the channel’s Executive Editor reported.

He also questioned why Twitter allows hashtags like ‘K-Twitter’ and accounts “which tweet against the interests of the country” to function.


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