Jammu & Kashmir

First time since 1948, no official function on Martyrs’ Day in Kashmir

Srinagar: According to the list of gazette holidays issued by the government, there will be no holiday and official functions to commemorate martyrs’ day in Jammu and Kashmir. The decision passed last year; to not to commemorate the day, is happening for the first time since 1948.

“In December last year, the list of gazetted holidays had no mention of martyrs’ day on July 13 and December 5, the birth anniversary of former J&K Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah. Therefore, the question doesn’t arise of holding any official function or declaring a holiday on Monday,” a Delhi based newspaper Hindustan Times quoted a senior official as saying.

In 2019, soon after the revocation of Article 370 in August, the government of India issued a list of gazette holidays for the erstwhile state. However, July 13 and December 5, were omitted from the list inviting an outcry by the Kashmir centric parties.

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