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In an editorial message, Urdu newspaper from Kashmir puts a mask on the front page

With this, not only you, but those around you can stay protected from coronavirus, the sub text says in Urdu.  

In a message aimed at raising awareness about COVID, the editors of Kashmir based Urdu Daily have designed the front page in a way that points to a packet which contains a mask.

The text says mask ka istemal zaroori  hai (using a mask is important), and a graphic arrow points to the packet which contains a mask for the readers.

“With this, not only you, but those around you can be protected from coronavirus,” the sub text says in Urdu.

Speaking to Free Press Kashmir, Zahoor Ahmad Shora, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Roshni said, “we had to hire more employees to pack these masks and make sure the copies get ready. To ensure things are finished on time, we sent the publishing copy three hours prior to the press.”

The mind behind the creative messaging, Jehad Shora told Free Press Kashmir, “in the current global scenario and what WHO has said, mask is the only way we can prevent the spread of infections. I realised everyone in Kashmir is coming up with excuses. Keeping that in mind we thought to use creativity and give a little good to the society.”

“I came up with this idea and the team agreed, then it matured further and we did it,” says Jehad,

The design and the message has been lauded by subscribers, and the general public for use of creativity and messaging.

“The press should play a positive role in informing the public, and make sure that awareness is raised about the dangers of this virus,” says Arif Hameed, a regular subscriber of the Urdu newspaper.

With many thinking that the ‘virus scare is a hoax’, Kashmir has been witnessing a rapid increase in cases related to COVID.

Doctors working on the frontline have been advising people to wear masks and take all necessary precautions.

However, the New Delhi controlled administration in Kashmir has decided to reopen tourism and public parks, while imposing a lockdown. Following which, the admin also decided to penalise those who are not wearing a mask in public places.

Panic in Kashmir has been running high with hospitals overburdened as a huge influx of non-local labourers has added to fears.

The media organisations too have been struggling to keep the offices going in these times, and reportage made difficult with double lockdowns and internet restrictions in place.

Pertinently, the administration has barred hospitals from sharing COVID data with the press, as cases keep rising.


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