Indian Chronicles: 15-year operation which successfully targeted EU, UN with fake information exposed

Network’s mission was to discredit nations in conflict with India

Used 750+ fake local media organisations and 10+ Zombie NGOs

Network active in Geneva producing and amplifying content to undermine Pakistan

More than a year after members of the European Parliament (MEPs) arrived in Kashmir to assess the ground situation after GoI scrapped the JK’s special status, and recorded the feedback from the Army, local officials and 15 delegations, a Europe based disinformation organisation, EU Disinfo Lab in its report has uncovered a massive operation “targeting international institutions and serving Indian interests.”

The operation called “Indian Chronicles,” revealed that the network is active in Brussels and Geneva in producing and amplifying content to undermine – primarily – Pakistan.

As per the report, the operation that commenced in 2005 has been ongoing since the past 15 years with a mission to discredit nations in conflict with India in Asia, in particular Pakistan but also China to a lesser extent.

Its long-term objective was found to be:

a) In India, to reinforce pro-Indian and anti-Pakistan (and anti-Chinese) feelings.

b) internationally, to consolidate the power and improve the perception of India, to damage the reputation of other countries and ultimately benefit from more support from international institutions such as the EU and the UN.

“Our investigation was able to show that the Srivastava Group – a New Delhi based conglomerate – controls 10 UN-accredited NGOs, most of them ‘resurrected’, and currently 9 of whom speak regularly before the UNHRC,” the report reads.

“These NGOs are mostly represented by students at the UNHRC. Luis Lema in Le Temps (a Swiss French-language newspaper) reveals that these students were paid 200 CHF (186 EUR) in cash to speak at the UNHRC, and that they were given the text they had to read only a few minutes before their interventions,” it further read.

The report also revealed that through the creation of fake media in Brussels, Geneva and across the world and the repackaging and dissemination via ANI (a New Delhi based news agency) and obscure local media networks the group multiplied the repetition of online negative content about countries in conflict with India, in particular Pakistan.”

While highlighting this issue, the organisation also raised concerns, on the Human Rights Day saying, “the international community has a responsibility to act, before the UNHRC is – unfortunately and with severe consequences for the authentic human rights agenda – considered to be nothing more than a farce.”

“These words will sound strong for some, but we could not find any better to describe the fact that the Canners Permanent International Committee- an organisation specialised in promoting canned foods which ceased to exist in 2007 – is paying students in cash to criticise Pakistan at the United Nations, in 2020,” their statement read.

Pertinently, a visit to Kashmir by a group of European Parliament members that arrived in the disputed region since GoI stripped JK of its semi-autonomous status, and imposed harsh restrictions in August 2019, was led by Mady Sharma who has been named in the the expose.

The group, from 11 countries, was to assess the situation in Kashmir, Indian officials had said a day after their visit.

However, the decision was accompanied by a harsh restrictions and valley wide shutdown, with GoI sending tens of thousands of additional armed forces personnel to the already heavily militarized region, imposing a sweeping curfew, arresting thousands and cutting virtually all communications.


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