While the valley is buried under snow, amateur artists display trophy sculptures on social media

Come winter and people keep longing for snowfall. Like its dancing flakes of varying patterns, snowfall brightens the faces of people with jubilance.

Though the reasons for merry vary, like the shapes of falling flakes, the cause of celebration for artists, in particular the amateurs, is different.

After piling a heap of snow, Nadeem Hussain, a young man in his twenties is gliding his long fingers over the face of snow replica to carve out a desired shape.

Standing stout on the medieval era marble stone, at the Heritage Mughal garden Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, a turban clad replica spotting a beard sculpted by Nadeem bears an amazing resemblance with the Medieval era Muslim philosopher Abu-Ali-Sina, also known as Ibn Sina or Avicena.

“I have been fascinated by the personality of Abu-Ali-Sina right from my childhood. His work in the field of medicine is still a part of syllabus in many countries. Besides he is a great philosopher and writer from the Muslim world, whose contribution to the world is regarded by all,” Nadeem says.

“I had been contemplating to carve out his figure for many past snow seasons, but this time I decided to go on with my maiden amateur attempt,” adds Nadeem, bearing an artistic smile on his face, while looking at his sculpted replica of the Persian philosopher.

Not too far in the neighboring district of Budgam, a young man in his early thirties has sculpted an artistic piece of a lion.

“My five year old is quite a fond of snow. Though I have been making the traditional snow-man from my childhood, this time I thought of making something different for my son. So I decided to carve out a shape of a lion from the snow. After long hours of toil, I was finally able to come up with a snow replica of the beast with the help of my teenage daughter, who assisted in fine-tuning the sculpture,” says the jubilant father.

Mohdissa, a student from Presentation Convent School, Srinagar has posted her work on facebook. Sculpted in their lawn, the crocodile bears perfect curves and angles much in resemblance with the real amphibian.

“She was eagerly waiting for the snow fall to shape her passion. As soon as a few inches of the white flakes accumulated, braving the chill, she set out to sculpt this crocodile,” says Majid, her relative.

Like Mohdissa and Nadeem, there are scores of amateur snow artists, who are posting their work on social media.

Maisor Bhat from the outskirts of Srinagar has tried his best to sculpt out a shark.

Standing on the fence adjacent to the Boulevard road, the sculpture is a piece of attraction for many photo enthusiasts.

Elisa and Tabia, both school going students have attempted to make a ‘Taj Mahal’ from snow. Posting their pictures in front of the one of the wonders of the world, the smiling faces of the amateur child artists are in confirmation with sculpted sign of love.

Looking energetic on a piece of log, the bird made by Yasir from Srinagar, is simply a beauty. With its wings patched with green colored evergreen leaves, small eye balls made from round piece of charcoal are perfectly fitted too, giving the piece a look of a live bird.

While the valley of Kashmir is experiencing the year’s first and heavy snow fall, social media is abuzz with these and many other creative pictures of snow sculptures.

From toys to different birds and animals, pictures showcasing local culture to political uncertainty, replicas portraying influencers to philosophers, these sculptures depict the talent in the valley.

Netizens are all praises for these amateurs, who are showcasing the talent on e-platforms.

“These efforts of the young and amateur artists should be applauded and encouraged. There is no dearth of talent in our society, but what we lack are proper opportunities. Authorities should come up with a proper platform for such kind of artists to promote this art,” says Basharat Hussain, an art teacher and expert miniature artist from Srinagar.

While the valley is braving the cold, and continuous snowfall, snow artists are making merry.


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