‘Terrorists use it’: Bajrang Dal calls for ban on Pheran, BJP supports

Srinagar: Right wing Hindu organisation member, Rakesh Bajrangi of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal has called for a ban on Pheran in Kashmir. “Till date terrorists have carried out activities wearing these Pherans which are loose enough to hide weapons inside,” he can be heard saying in a video.

He further said that this problem has come forward many times in the past, yet the government has not taken any decision in this regard.

According to him the best solution to this is banning the pheran.

Soon after this, BJP backed this demand.

“Nothing is more precious than the lives of our soldiers and SPOs who are on duty in Kashmir. Most of the time it was seen that these traditional dresses were misused by the terrorists because they used to hide grenades under it. So, our soldiers can not differentiate between a normal person wearing this traditional dress and somebody who is carrying arms under this dress. So it should be banned in public spaces or offices,” said a BJP member from Kashmir.

Rakesh Bajrangi’s statement has come days after a suspected militant fired upon two policemen injuring them critically in Baghat area of Srinagar.

In the CCTV footage of the attack, the assailant can be seen wearing a pheran, hiding his weapon underneath the clothing.

A youth was arrested on suspicion in connection with the attack, however, according to his parents, the young man suffers from psychological illness and hence, was released soon after.

While Bajrangi is calling for a ban on Pherans, this piece of traditional Kashmiri clothing has been entering the Indian fashion market where various Indian designers are launching new collections of Pherans.

This is not the first time that ban on Pherans has been a topic of conversation. In September 2018, an order banning Pherans in J&K Civil Secretariat and zonal offices was issued stating that officials must be attired in proper formal clothing.


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