Kashmiris slam Pakistani drama series for ‘portraying Kashmir struggle as terrorism’

Pakistani drama Dhoop Ki Deewar depicting tensions at the India-Pakistan border and pain of the families after losing their loved ones in fighting has fetched severe criticism on social media over its ‘controversial’ script.

The social media users, mostly from Kashmir, have slammed the writer for mixing ‘Bollywood style’ in Dhoop Ki Deewar and ‘portraying the Kashmir narrative wrongly’. The series is scheduled to hit the online platforms from June 25 onwards.

On social media, one user while referring to the writer, wrote: “You have lost credibility. Big time. May Allah expose your truth about your writings as how much sincere you are with what you preach.”

Reacting to the tweets a user from Pakistan wrote: “Don’t get discouraged with the cheap attempt of #DhoopKiDeewar. Pakistan was with you and will be with you. The Freedom of Kashmir is part of our Emaan. These soul sellers doesn’t represent us. We’re coming for you soon inshaAllah.”

“In all the bookshops in Kashmir, you will find Novels of Umera Ahmed. In the 90s great Naseem Hijazi was a household name in Kashmir. But from last few years if I’m not wrong Umera is a very popular name, by writing ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ she proved she can write trash for ISPR as well,” said another Twitter user.

“I just hope that dhoop ki deewar doesn’t justify the wrongdoings happening in Kashmir or stay neutral on it because the whole heart over hate campaign is highly unfair to a Kashmiri if that’s the case,” another user wrote.

One user termed the drama “bullshit” and said that it “hurts the cause of Kashmir.”

Another user said peace cannot be achieved by “ranting peace peace on SM or through Aman Ki Aasha dramas.”

Another user said the drama attempted to “humanize the oppressive military force behind it”.

“Can you imagine attempting to sympathize with the Israeli army? Well, this drama did something just like that,” the user wrote.

Meanwhile, the writer of the drama Umera Ahmed has said that her prime intention was to highlight humanity and not a romantic relationship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl.

However, as social media users raised objections to the series, the writer released a statement on social media saying that she first sent the script of the series for approval to the media wing of Pakistan armed forces, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) in 2019.

She said ISPR approved the list and fully supported her. They also invited her to the office and discussed the project.


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