Prepare COVID response report to mitigate impact on schools in JK: GoI to MoE

Srinagar: The Government of India (GoI) has asked the Ministry of Education (MoE) to prepare a comprehensive COVID response document to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on schools in Jammu and Kashmir and other states of India.

The official documents available state that the GoI has said, “To mitigate the impact of the pandemic, schools will not only have to remodel and re-imagine the way teaching and learning have happened so far, but will also need to introduce a suitable method of delivering quality education through a healthy mix of schooling at home and schooling at school.”

“With the present C0VID wave, that is more virulent and faster spreading, an urgent need was felt to plan for the challenges ahead and prepare to make progress for the sake of students, parents, community and all stakeholders involved in this pursuit,” GoI said.

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