Indian right-wing targets Virat Kohli online for backing Shami, threaten his daughter with rape, trend hateful hashtag

Image: Instagram/Indian Cricket Team.

After the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli showed support for Mohammad Shami who was targetted for being a Muslim following India’s defeat to Pakistan, Kohli was attacked on social media platform twitter by right-wing Indians under the hashtag “#ChupRehBhadweViratKohli”.

Extremists issued a rape threat to his ten-month-old daughter, and also shared photos of her online.

Many Hindutva extremists also took digs at his stance on avoiding fire-crackers during Diwali for environmental concerns while sharing photos of his wife Anushka Sharma, a leading Bollywood actress.

Swati Chaturvedi, Print and Broadcast Journalist in a tweet said, “this makes me want to puke. Rape threats to a toddler from the RW because @imVkohli did the decent thing called out bigotry & supported his teammate. These bigots belong in jail”.

Another Twitter user, Adil Mogal tweeted that “they are giving rape threats to a 9-month-old baby just because her dad took a stand for his fellow Muslim teammate! If not rotten, what would you call this society?”


In a tweet, Amya said that “TW: Rape. Makes me uneasy just reading this on a screen. It’s insane to think that these people actually exist, and most likely walk around us every day”.

After India’s defeat in ICC Men’s World Cup 2021 against Pakistan, Mohammad Shami, an Indian Cricketer was abused and trolled on social media platforms because he is a Muslim.

The abuse was condemned by various netizens and by the members of the Indian cricket team.

In a show of support, Virat Kohli issued a statement and said, “to me attacking someone over their religion is the most pathetic thing a human being can do. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but I personally have never even thought of discriminating [against] someone over their religion.”

“People take out their frustrations because they have no understanding of the fact that Mohammed Shami has won India and the number of matches. If people can overlook that and his passion for the country, Honestly, I don’t want to waste even one minute of my life on them. We stand by him fully. We back him 200%. Our brotherhood cannot be shaken,” he added.

The trolling against the cricket player, Shami took place after the India-Pakistan match where India was defeated.

In Uttar Pradesh, three Kashmiri students were arrested and booked for sedition after they had cheered for Pakistan over their win in the match.

In the colleges of Punjab, Kashmiri students were also beaten and their rooms were ransacked by miscreants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.


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