No data on deaths of farmers during protests, so no question of financial assistance to anyone: GoI

Photo: WikiMedia/Randeep Maddoke

New Delhi: The Government of India on Wednesday informed the Parliament that it has “no record” of the deaths of the farmers who died during the year-long protests demanding repeal of the three contentious farm laws and hence there was no question of providing financial assistance to anyone.

In a reply to the Opposition’s query on whether the Government of India will grant financial assistance to the families of the farmers who lost their lives during the year-long protest, Agriculture Minister of India Narendra Tomar told the Parliament- Lok Sabha, “(The) Ministry of Agriculture has no record in the matter, and hence the question (of aid) does not arise.”

Apart from the main demand of repeal of the three contentious laws – that have now been officially repealed by the Parliament – more than a year-long agitation has demanded the withdrawal of cases against the farmers during the time of the agitation and paying compensation to and rehabilitation of the families of the farmers, who lost their lives during the same time.

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