Haridwar hate speeches: Narendra Modi’s silence shows he doesn’t care, says Naseeruddin Shah

A screengrab of the video showing Hindutva members inside a police station in Haridwar where a police officer is being told by one of the group members that ‘a message must be sent to the people that the police is not biased’

‘200 million Muslims will fight back’

New Delhi: Reacting to the recent genocidal calls against Muslims by Hindutva groups, actor, Naseeruddin Shah has said that silence maintained by the Prime Minister of India over calls made by such groups to kill Muslims en masse shows that he doesn’t care about it.

Shah termed the move a joint attempt to make Muslims feel insecure in India. “Separatism has now become a policy for the ruling party,” the veteran actor of the Indian film industry added.

In an interview with The Wire, Shah while referring to Narendra Modi said, “I think he doesn’t care of Muslims. You can accuse him of being a hypocrite and also he has never said a word of apology for the Ahmedabad pogrom and not even for anything else. He apologized to farmers half-heartedly which weren’t a sincere apology to them.”

He added, “Modi follows the people on Twitter who delivered hate speeches against Muslims and said he derives a sort of pleasure out of that”.

“I wonder if these people know what they are talking about and when they are calling for a full-scale civil war,” The Wire quoted him further saying.

Two hundred million of us (Muslims) will not get wiped out easily, we will fight back. We claim India to be our motherland. Two hundred million of us belong here, we were born here, generations of our families have lived and died here, he added.

He said that if any such movement begins, it will be dealt with with massive resistance and a huge amount of anger.

The actor said, “We must not give in to it, we must not admit that this is scaring us because if it comes to the crunch, we will fight back because in that situation we are defending our homes, we are defending our homeland, we are defending our families, we are defending our children and I am not talking of our beliefs because beliefs get threatened very easily.”

Earlier, various states of India witnessed several anti-Muslim gatherings and during these events, the Hindutva members called for the genocide of Muslims.

However, despite facing widespread outrage from religious to political parties, so far no arrest was made in this regard.


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