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Two-way traffic on Srinagar-Jammu highway tomorrow, say officials

A file photo of Srinagar-Jammu highway. [Photo/ Qayoom Khan]

Srinagar: Srinagar-Jammu highway, the only surface link connecting Kashmir valley with the outside world, shall remain open for two-way traffic on Thursday, the first time in more than a fortnight, officials said.

“On 27-01-2022, subject to fair weather and better road conditions LMVs(passenger)/private cars shall be allowed from both sides on Jammu-Srinagar highway viz Jammu towards Srinagar and vice-versa,” a traffic department official said in a statement. He said Traffic Control Unit Jammu/Srinagar shall liaise with TCU Ramban before releasing the traffic, he said.

He said cut-off for LMVs/private cars from Nagrota (Jammu) will be at 0800 hours to 1200 hours, from Jakheni (Udhampur) at 0900 hours to 1300 hours and from Navyug Tunnel (Qazigund side) 0900 hours to 1300 hours “(subject to change depending on the road position then)”

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