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‘Completely concocted’: Squadron leader Ravi Khanna’s wife disputes killing scene in film Kashmir Files

Nirmala, the wife of late IAF Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna.

Srinagar: Last week, a day before Hindi film The Kashmir Files was scheduled to release in theatres, wife of one of the characters shown in the film approached court saying the ‘story is not based on facts’.

On March 10, a day before the release of Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial, the court in Jammu ordered the makers to modify the scenes based on the late IAF Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna in the film.

Nirmala, the wife of Khanna, had filed a petition in the court against the film ‘The Kashmir Files’.

However, the film was released without making any alterations in the scene.

Nirmala appealed to the court to remove the scenes depicting her husband in the film. She claimed that the parts shown in the film are contrary to what happened to her husband.

According to the petition, “it is shown in the film that Khanna is going to the office and distributing toffees to the children on the way, when militants come on a motorcycle and shoot him dead from a close range.”

As per Nirmala’s petition, what is shown in the movie is not the reality.

Nirmala told Jammu Links News in an interview that there was a curfew that day and no schools were functioning. Instead “Khanna was going to the office with his friend and when militants tried to kill him.”

Additional District Judge Deepak Sethi, in the order given to the makers, said, “in view of the facts stated by Ravi Khanna’s wife, the film has been barred from showing the scenes depicting the works related to Khanna”.

The judge further said that this order can be challenged by Vivek Agnihotri or he can satisfy the complainant by modifying the film.

Earlier, the Indian comedian Kapil Sharma refused to invite the star cast of the movie for promotion as “there were no commercial big stars in the film”.

On the date it was released, audiences in Indian cinemas were seen making genocide calls against Kashmiris and Muslims.

Social media is abuzz with hypercharged reactions to the film. While few blame the director for the wrong depiction of characters and events, most in India lauded him for showing the ‘reality’.

In various video clips, the audience was seen shouting slogans against the Muslims of Kashmir. In one such video taken inside the theatre, the audience after watching the movie can be heard saying ‘shoot the traitors’.

The furious audience also hurled abusive words blaming the current populace of the valley.

“We will keep going like this, after Kashmir Files, the next places will be Kerala, West Bengal, East Delhi, and many more,” said a man, who praised the BJP and held Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal responsible for not allowing them to file RTIs.

Pertinently, in July 2021, the Delhi High Court ruled that the disclosure of personal information, which has no relation to any public activity or interest and revelation of which can cause “unwarranted invasion” into the privacy of an individual, cannot be disclosed under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

In another video, the audience wows to boycott movies of Salman Khan, Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, the three Muslim superstars of the Indian cinema, and “take revenge” from those responsible for the migration.

Another gathering outside the cinema in Delhi, most of them wearing saffron shawls and Kurtas, chanted Vande Mahtaram slogans and also called for ‘revenge’.

One video shows dozens of men and women including elderly people standing in a queue and chanting slogans like “We want justice, Kashmiri Pandits still exist, Punish the culprits”.

Pertinently, the movie director is no stranger to controversies as his unfiltered comments often grab headlines.

In January 2021, when the director along with his team was in Kashmir shooting for The Kashmir Files, he sought the change in the Kashmiri Wazwan, and was criticized by netizens forcing him to delete his tweet.

Wazwan is a multi-course mutton cuisine usually served to guests during functions in Kashmir. The spicy and flavoured cuisine ranges from seven to 25 mutton dishes.

Agnihotri, known for his Hindu right-wing bigotry, has been in the news due to multiple reasons.

In 2018, an Indian film actress accused him of inappropriate behaviour during a film shooting.

He is also accused of sharing misleading content on Twitter by fact-checkers.

In September 2018, Twitter locked his account until he agreed to delete a tweet abusing actress Swara Bhaskar. The tweet was interpreted as calling Swara a prostitute.


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