GoI is conspiring against you, get ready for another agitation: Satya Pal Malik to farmers

Farmers protest against GoI's new farm laws in New Delhi. [File Photo]

New Delhi: Satya Pal Malik, who completed his tenure as Meghalaya Governor on Sunday, said that the government of India is conspiring against the country’s farmers who have been protesting against GoI’s laws on farming.

GoI backtracked on its promise of giving a legal guarantee of the Minimum Support Price of crops and taking back the cases filed against farmers during the agitation against the farm laws, Malik said while addressing a farmer panchayat in the Gonda area of Aligarh in Western Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, as per The Hindu.

The report quoting the Malik, who also served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir till August 2019 when the special status of JK was abrogated and the erstwhile state was divided into two union territories, he appealed to the farmers to get ready for another agitation against the government.

“They have their eyes on our food, land, and employment. Time doesn’t stand for anybody, if you don’t stand today, you will keep begging for years,” the report quoted him as saying, adding he would be forever present to raise farmers’ issues.

Talking about his tenure as a Governor in Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, and Goa, he said whenever he raise issues of corruption, he was transferred.

“The PM chose to support corruption but not me,” he said.

The report also quoted him saying that he would not fight elections but he was ready to share the stage with political parties for farmers’ interests.

“Without a legal guarantee of MSP, farmers’ interests could not be protected, he said.

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