Russia didn’t take our phone call after Poland missile strike: US

A crater is seen near the small village of Przewodów, Poland, where Polish officials confirmed that two people were killed after an explosion. [Photo: Twitter]

United States military officer General Mark Milley has said that he tried to reach out to his Russian counterpart in the aftermath of the missile explosions in Poland, but wasn’t able to get through, international media reported.

The US officer said that Russia didn’t take phone calls from US after missile attack in Poland, US based Television Network KKTV reported.

“My staff was unsuccessful in getting me linked up with General Gerasimov,” he said during a joint press conference with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday.

The failed contact happened after a missile hit a Polish village on the border with Ukraine and killed two locals on Tuesday. It came amid a Russian barrage targeting Ukrainian military and energy infrastructure.

President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that the weapon was Russian and urged NATO to invoke its collective defense provisions in response.

Western nations have since assessed that the projectile was most likely a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that went astray.

But the Ukrainian leader doubled down on his claim that it was not fired by Kiev’s forces.

During the media briefing, both US defense officials declined to comment on the difference of opinion.

“We have full confidence in Poland’s ability to conduct this investigation in the proper way, and until that’s complete, again, I think it’s – it’d be premature for anybody to jump to conclusions,” Austin was quoted as saying by RT report.

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