Ukraine’s chances of near-term military victory over Russia not high: US

Ukrainian heavy armour on the move in Kyiv. [Photo: Twitter/ Orla Guerin]

Ukraine’s chances of a near-term military victory over Russia are not high, top US general Mark Milley has cautioned, as per international media reports.

He noted that despite Kiev’s recent advances on the battlefield and the capture of the city of Kherson, Moscow still has a significant combat presence in the country, the Russian TV Network RT reported.

Speaking at a news conference at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Milley stated that “the probability of a Ukrainian military victory defined as kicking the Russians out of all of Ukraine to include what they define or what the claim is Crimea, the probability of that happening anytime soon is not high, militarily.”

The general noted, however, that there was a possibility of a “political solution” that would see Russia withdraw from territories Ukraine claims as its own, adding that Russia “is on its back” right now and that Ukraine needs to negotiate from a “position of strength.”

Milley also reiterated Washington’s support for Kiev and vowed to continue for as long as it takes, a statement that was echoed by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who also took part in the press conference.

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