Over 20,000 workers resign as iPhone maker fails to pay bonuses

[Photo: Pixabay]

Due to not receiving bonuses and growing fears about a COVID outbreak within the plant, more than 20,000 iPhone workers have resigned, international media reports say.

There have been mass resignations caused by Foxconn which failed to pay the promised recruitment bonuses, and growing fears about the COVID. Foxconn offered workers an exit payment equivalent to up to two months salary for new workers who wanted to leave.

Meanwhile, Apple has issued a warning that iPhone 14 Pro availability will be very constrained during the holiday sales period.

International media reports suggest that more than 30% of production could be lost, with iPhone 14 production already falling way behind demand in the crucial run up to the holidays .

The mess began when there was a COVID outbreak inside Foxconn’s biggest iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou – also known locally as iPhone City. However, the company had then claimed that the situation was under control.

Quoting newly recruited workers, reports said that they were not being paid the promised bonuses, leading to protests that turned violent. Foxconn later admitted that it had made a “technical error” over bonuses, and promised to correct it.

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