Israeli airstrike kills two soldiers in Damascus, says Syria

An F-22A Raptor was launched by US for strike operations in Syria on September 23, 2014. [Photo: Wikimedia]

Syria on Tuesday claimed that its two soldiers were injured after Israel launched airstrikes in the vicinity of Damascus.

Reportedly, this is the first such attack in more than a month, news agency AP reported quoting a statement issued by Syrian military.

The report quoting the statement further said the airstrikes also caused some “material losses”, and did not elaborate further on it. Syria claimed that its air defenses had intercepted and shot down a number of missiles.

On November, 13, two Syrian armed forces personnel were killed and three injured after Israel launched airstrikes on airbase in the province of Homs.

Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes on targets inside government-controlled parts of Syria in recent years, but it rarely acknowledges or discusses specific operations, the news agency reported.

Israeli leaders have in the past acknowledged striking targets in Syria and elsewhere in what it says is a campaign to thwart Iranian attempts to smuggle weapons to proxies such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group or to destroy weapons caches.

The strike launched on November 8, was also accepted by the Israel as its military chief of staff said the strike was launched on a truck convoy in Syria.

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