World may see COVID deaths in millions in 90 days: Report

Staff examining cars for epidemic control at Qujiang entry to Xi'an Bypass: [Photo: Wikimedia]

China is experiencing a massive surge in coronavirus cases as huge rush is also being witnessed in the hospitals, international media reported on Tuesday.

Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and health economist estimates that more than 60 per cent of China and 10 per cent of Earth’s population are likely to be infected over the next 90 days with deaths likely in the millions.

One of Beijing’s designated crematoria for Covid-19 patients has been flooded with dead bodies in recent days as the virus sweeps through the Chinese capital, offering an early hint at the human cost of the country’s abrupt loosening of pandemic restrictions, reported Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

According to Feigl-Ding, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) goal is “let whoever needs to be infected, infected, let whoever needs to die, die. Early infections, early deaths, early peak, early resumption of production.”

China has reported no Covid deaths in Beijing since the authorities announced four deaths between November 19 and 23.

Beijing Dongjiao Crematory, on the eastern edge of the Chinese capital, has experienced a jump in requests for cremation and other funerary services, according to people who work at the compound, reported WSJ.

Men who work at the compound, which in addition to a funeral hall includes a small complex of shops selling burial attire, flowers, caskets, urns and other funerary items, said the number of corpses had risen markedly in recent days, though none would offer an estimate of the magnitude of the increase, reported WSJ.

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