Village Defence Committees will now receive arms training from CRPF

The Village Defence Committees (VDCs) will receive weapons training from the CRPF. An officer was quoted by news agency PTI stating that the “final outlines” of the training schedule, the types of guns to be used, and the number of participants would be finalised in due course.

If necessary, he added, the volunteers will also receive instruction in simple physical combat drills.

On Monday in Dhangri, the police gave 40 ex-servicemen self-loading guns. The panchayat had previously asserted that the VDC members could not fight effectively despite their possession of .303 rifles.

Each firearm came with two magazines and 100 rounds, according to sources. Since the Rajouri attack, many villages in the Jammu division that have a sizable Hindu population have demanded weapons.

VDCs have also been activated along the international border in Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts.


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