Chinese scientists create quantum ‘code-breaking’ algorithm, US worried

IBM Quantum System One in Ehningen, Germany. [Photo: Wikimedia/IBM Research.]

According to reports in the US media, a Chinese team has claimed that their novel quantum code-breaking method might significantly shrink the size of a workable quantum computer.

According to South China Morning Post, the team, lead by Professor Long Guilu of Tsinghua University, asserted in a paper that their new method may lower the scale of a usable quantum computer to 372 qubits, which is even less than IBM’s Osprey. Osprey uses 433 qubits and is far from being able to break codes.

A new 433 qubit quantum processor, introduced by IBM in November of last year, has the potential to do complicated quantum computations far beyond the capabilities of any conventional computer.

The new claim by Chinese scientists has left senior security and quantum experts in the US concerned.

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