Evict non-Hindu shops near Murdeshwar temple: Suspended BJP MLA to Karnataka Govt

Market of Murudeshwara Temple Karnataka. [Photo:]

Telangana MLA T Raja Singh, who was suspended from the BJP in August following his derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad- PBUH, has posted a video appealing to the BJP-run Karanataka government to evict non-Hindu shops that are present near the beachside.

In the video, Raja Singh who came for a two-day stay at the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, shows the beachside brimming with enthusiastic tourists, as reported by Siasat.

The camera then pans to Raja Singh where he says, “Many sheds owned by non-Hindus have set up business here.”

Without taking names of any specific religion, Raja Singh further adds, “They are non-Hindu believers and eat beef. All these sheds have encroached on the land illegally. They fry sea animals and make money by selling them. By now you must know what religion I am talking about.”

Raja appealed to the Karnataka state government saying he was very impressed by the way they handled the hijab issue.

“I also know how the government deals with illegal encroachment, especially near temples. I request the Karnataka state government to ensure Murdeshwar temple is free from illegal non-Hindu encroachers,” he said.

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