US ‘top disrupter’ of global order, says China

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin.

China is a defender of international order, while the United States is its “top disrupter”, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday, as he urged the US to give up its “hegemonic approaches toward global affairs”.

Criticizing US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s claim that China is a growing challenge that has the ability to challenge the rules-based international order, Wang said, China has always safeguarded the international system centered on the United Nations as well as the international order based on international laws.

“It is the US, not China, that undermines and tramples on international rules,” Wang said at a news conference, citing a report which details how the US has developed and clung to its hegemony in politics, military matters, economy, technology, and culture.

The “US Hegemony and Its Perils” report, issued by Xinhua News Agency on Monday, has exposed the harm US hegemony has done to world peace and international rules, Wang said.

“From the ‘Neo-Monroe Doctrine’ to ‘color revolutions’, from the Five Eyes to the Quad, the US has been creating divisions and stoking confrontation all over the world,” the spokesman said.

The report refers to the US assembling “exclusive clubs” such as the Five Eyes and the Quad. It also listed instances of US interference in other countries’ internal affairs abound.

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