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People rush out of homes as 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan shakes Kashmir

People outside their homes in Kashmir following a major quake in Afghanistan that sent tremors across JK. [FPK Photo: Umar Farooq]

Srinagar: On Tuesday evening, a massive earthquake of 6.6 hit the Hindu Kush area in Afghanistan, sending tremors across Delhi, Noida, and surrounding areas. Strong tremors were also felt in Jammu and Kashmir, triggering panic among the people who rushed outside their homes.

The earthquake was at latitude 36.09 degrees north and longitude 71.35 degrees east, a meteorological department official confirmed.

No report of loss or destruction due to the massive earthquake has been reported so far, however, people rushed out of their buildings after feeling the strong tremors.

Visuals appearing on social media show people rushing out of their homes onto the streets. One video from south Kashmir’s Bibehara shows a team of doctors performing surgery during the quake. Pictures on social media also show cracks developed by house walls.

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