US can overthrow Govt of any country, particularly Muslims: Bangladesh PM

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina [Photo: WikiMedia Commons]

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has said the United States can overthrow the government of any country at any time. In particular, Muslim countries are going through tough situations.

The country (USA) frequently gives lectures about democracy and some people, including the opposition party, are becoming cheerful hearing the lecture, said Sheikh Hasina.

“Yes, they can overthrow the government of any country. In particular, Muslim countries are going through tough situations,” she said.

Nothing happened till the wrong things were happening in the Islamic countries, but after the Russia-Ukraine war the whole world fell into an economic recession and this is the reality, she observed.

The Prime Minister, also Leader of the House, was delivering the valedictory speech in the 22nd (special) session of the 11th parliament, marking the Golden Jubilee of the parliament with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair.

“They are giving us lessons about democracy. In all aspects, they are talking about democracy and human rights. What is the state of their country?,” she raised a question, referring to the incident of three Congressmen in Tennessee state of US.

Sheikh Hasina said, “A few days ago, three Congressmen in the US state of Tennessee were made guilty as they petitioned for gun control stating that this type of gun possession should be stopped.”

“That was their crime. And these three were expelled from Congress. But, one of them could escape as he is white,” she said, adding, “The crime of Justin John and Justin Pearson is that they are black.”

“Because of that, their seats became unseated. So, where are human rights there? We ask where their democracy is,” she added.

Hasina said that Rashed, who killed Bangabandhu on August 15, had taken shelter in America and now, he is living there.

“I’ve appealed to all the Presidents. Legally, we’ve made efforts. We’ve tried through diplomacy. I’ve appealed that you (US) cannot grant asylum to this convicted murderer,” she said, adding that “…You cannot give shelter to the killer of children, killer of women, killer of the president and killer of minister… Return him back. But, they are not returning him, rather they are sheltering him.”

Mentioning that they speak against corruption, she said “Now, it can be seen that the US is advocating in favour of those who were convicted for corruption.”

Keeping aside democracy they want to bring such a government into power where there will be no existence of the democratic practice, she noted.

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