Pulitzer Prize: Kashmiri photojournalist Rafiq Maqbool named finalist in breaking news photography

Obverse and reverse sides of the gold Pulitzer Prize for Public Service medal, which also serves as a symbol of the Pulitzer Prizes in general.

A Kashmiri photojournalist Rafiq Maqbool was named  finalist for the Pulitzer Prize along with Eranga Jayawardena of Sri Lanka for breaking news photography for images capturing anger over economic collapse in Sri Lanka.

“Rafiq Maqbool and Eranga Jayawardena of Associated Press. For a compelling visual narrative documenting public fury over Sri Lanka’s economic collapse, including clashes between protesters and police, the takeover of government buildings and jubilation as protesters occupied the plush presidential mansion,” Pulitzer Prize mentioned.

The winners of the 2023 Pulitzer Prizes were announced from Columbia University on Monday afternoon.

The Pulitzers are regarded as the highest honor that a US based journalist or organisation can receive.

“At a time when the media business is abuzz with excitement and anxiety about powerful new tech tools, there is nothing — nothing — artificial about the courageous reporting and storytelling the Pulitzer Prizes honors today. Journalism is a differentiator, not a commodity,” said Poynter President Neil Brown, the co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

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