GoI’s new digital laws to make internet users identifiable, traceable; no safe harbour provisions

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New Delhi: India is to update the laws governing internet use, which might change how Silicon Valley titans conduct business in the largest market in the world.

In order to foster an atmosphere where Big Tech can function while being more accountable to the government and protecting users, a first draught of the new law is scheduled to be released in June.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, stated during a briefing in Mumbai on Tuesday that India’s current two-decade-old law is inadequate to accomplish India’s digital economy aim of $1 trillion or 20% of GDP over time.

The modifications could affect how Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Meta Platforms Inc., and Inc. conduct business in a market that the government predicts will grow from the current 830 million internet users to 1.3 billion by 2025. The world will imitate what we do because India has the largest online population, Chandrasekhar claimed in a brief interview.

The government, which faces re-election next year, wants to implement the legislation by the end of 2023, Chandrasekhar said.

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