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Consumers to pay bills in pre-paid mode from June: Kashmir power Dept

A panoramic view of power station in Kashmir.

Srinagar: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has decided to convert the smart meters installed in the first leg into pre-paid mode, saying that the consumers will have to pay the electricity bills in pre-paid mode from June, 2023.

KPDCL, Javed Yousuf Dar said that at least 55,000 consumers will start paying the electricity bills through prepaid mode from next month.

He said that the smart meters installed in the first leg, last year, are eligible for prepaid conversion. “The consumers will pay the electricity bills through ‘Smart Bill Sahuliyat Platform’—a mobile application. The consumers can recharge according to their wish. There is no fixed amount,” he said.

In June, 2023, the consumers will begin with clearing the pending dues of May month following which they are eligible for prepaid conversion, he said.

He said after recharging, the consumers will be able to check the balance as well as the usage of electricity.

“To begin with, the prepaid services will be started from the 55,000 smart meters installed in the first leg,” he said, adding that the rest of the smart meters installed so far will be made eligible for the services later.

The KPDCL has also published an advertisement in this regard, which states that 2% discount will be given to the consumers every month, registered with the prepaid mode.

It said that the consumers can register online, saying that consumers with smart meters installed in the first leg of the project are eligible for the prepaid conversion.

“Recharge your account from time to time to keep your connection alive,” it said, adding that it will help to monitor the remaining balance and daily electricity usage through Smart Bill Sahuliyat Platform.

In April this year, KPDCL said it will register all prospective consumers applying for new connections on prepaid basis to keep pace with latest state of the art technology coupled with empowering consumers with transparency.

A spokesperson had said with this major step towards better reforms, consumers who are applying for new connections shall be provided smart meters with prepaid functionality for bill payment. (KNO)

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