GoI responsible for ethnic unrest in Manipur: Khwairamband Keithel women vendors

An Eema selling glutinous rice at Eema Bazaar. Glutinous rice is used in Manipur for preparing various dishes such as kheer, sweetdishes, changlhah etc. Location - Eema Bazaar, Imphal, Manipur. (Eema - Mother, Eema Bazaar - a bazaar in Imphal "manned" exclusively by women.)
A woman selling glutinous rice at Eema Bazaar in Imphal, Manipur. The Eema Bazaar is manned exclusively by women. [Photo: Wikimedia]

Imphal: Khwairamband Keithel Emas (women sellers) have demanded a ban on Modi’s Mann Ki Baat in Manipur, holding the government of India led by Modi accountable for the ongoing agitation in the state.

The women street vendors in Imphal sought answers to a number of issues from Modi as well as the state government’s position on the current situation during a sit-in protest on Thursday.

“Are we aliens or an unknown community that the Indian Government is trying to divide us,” they questioned.

A protester told the media that they got a report from the Kadangban area that Kuki militants tied red ribbons on their heads and on their guns too. So, the Indian Army should be able to identify them easily, she added.

“The Kukis in Manipur had come as refugees in 1806 and naturally became citizens,” she said, as per Imphal Free Press, and questioned whether those that fled from Myanmar think that they can turn into citizens of India.

It is a known fact that there is militarisation in Myanmar and many of People’s Defence Force (PDF) personnel who fought against the military government there fled to Manipur, she said.

Moreover, there is information that those PDF personnel who fled from Myanmar were trained at Pallel by the Indian Army, she alleged.

“Why are they supporting those PDFs,” the report quoted her asking.

She also said that those who fled from Myanmar were staying in the southern area of Manipur with the tribal people and then united to start poppy plantations.

There is also a report of the Indian Army not helping stranded people who went to collect paddy at Kadangban area, she alleged.

The woman protester also questioned why the Indian Government is unable to confine the militants under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) if it had signed the agreement.

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