Girl elopes with Muslim man after BJP’s Pragya Thakur took her to watch ‘The Kerala Story’

Pragya Singh Thakur. [File Photo]

Bopal: In Madhya Pradesh’s Bopal, a 19-year-old Hindu woman eloped with her Muslim boyfriend Yusuf days after she was advised by BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur to distance herself from the Muslim friend.

The elopement took place days before the woman was to be married to a partner chosen by her parents, Hindi news website Live Hindustan reported.

The young woman’s family has filed a police complaint alleging Yusuf ‘trapped’ their daughter with ‘sweet talk’ and persuaded her to run away with him.

The woman took money and jewellery meant for her marriage to the other man and is paying off a loan taken by Yusuf in her name, the report said quoting a complaint filed with the police.

The young woman, however, has told the police she eloped with Yusuf of her own free will.

Earlier, Thakur took the woman to watch ‘The Kerala Story’ – the controversial movie that claims to show how Hindu women are radicalised, converted to Islam and inducted into terror groups.

“Our daughters should be aware. Our little girls who are innocent… they are not able to understand now but their life is not secure. Do not get caught in this affair of ‘love jihad’… respect your parents and trust them,” the BJP leader was quoted by Live Hindustan as saying.

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