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Delighted that Kashmiri ‘Namda’ craft is reaching global corners, says Modi

Narendra Modi. [File Photo]

New Delhi: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi took to social media to share an article showcasing the revival of the Kashmir’s ‘Namda’ craft.

Modi expressed his delight at the craft’s resurgence, emphasizing its growing popularity on the global stage.

The revival not only signifies the remarkable skills of Kashmiri artisans but also holds significant implications for preserving the region’s rich cultural legacy.

“Delighted that Kashmir’s centuries-old ‘Namda’ craft is reviving and now reaching global shores after years! This is a testament to our artisans’ skills and resilience. This revival is great news for our rich heritage,” Modi tweeted.

It is pertinent to mention that the ‘Namda’ craft, is deeply rooted in Kashmir’s history, involves the creation of intricately designed felted rugs and carpets. Passed down through generations, this traditional craft has faced challenges over the years, including a decline in demand and limited exposure beyond local markets.

However, recent efforts by dedicated artisans and various government initiatives have breathed new life into this ancient craft, propelling it onto the international stage.

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