Kashmiri art to be showcased during G20 event in Delhi

The Kashmiri stitching work is world famous.

New Delhi: The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) is getting ready to present Kashmiri art to the G20 leaders’ spouses on September 9 as the leaders of the G20 meet in New Delhi.

In order to promote traditional Kashmiri artwork and handicrafts, NGMA partnered with Wrap Studio.

The spouses of G20 leader participants will have a 45-minute tour of the “Roots and Routes: Past Present and Continuous,” according to ANI sources.

A variety of Kashmiri artwork and handicrafts, including pashmina shawls, quilts, and other handmade products, are on display at NGMA. One of the most recognisable works of Kashmiri art are pashmina shawls. These excellent Changthangi goat wool shawls are hand-dyed and elaborately woven, and they represent years of skill and tradition. The shawls have a wide range of designs, hues, and patterns that are all exclusive to their creators.

Another form of Kashmiri art that will be displayed at the exhibition are quilts. Cotton fabric layers are folded over and manually stitched together to create these quilts. Each quilt is unique since the fabric is frequently hand-painted or block-printed with vibrant designs.

This type of quilting has been a part of Kashmiri culture for centuries and is now gaining popularity around the world.

While speaking to ANI, Wrap Studio CEO Siddharth Saigal says, “We are proudly representing the art of Kashmir in different formats. We are presenting some beautiful hand paintings from Odisha and some fashionable products like indigo on Pashmina and reformatting the fabric of Pashmina into the usage of garments like jackets and sarees to give the delegates a variety of options.”

The exhibit will also feature other traditional handicrafts from Kashmir, such as carpets, wood carvings, embroidery and jewellery. Each piece is unique to its maker and embodies their own personal story and style. These items have been carefully selected by Wrap Studio to give an authentic representation of Kashmir’s art and culture.

At NGMA’s exhibit, G20 spouses will have the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful art form and gain a better understanding of the vibrant culture it represents. Through this exhibition, NGMA hopes to promote a bit of Kashmir’s culture and to help bridge the cultural divide between India and its neighbours.

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