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Pulwama residents asked to clear roads of construction material in 2 days or face action

A JCB clearing constriction material outside a house in Pulwama. [FPK Photo/ Qayoom Khan]

Pulwama: The district administration of Pulwama in south Kashmir has issued a public notice asking the residents to clear roads of construction material in two days or face action.

The notice serves as an urgent appeal addressing the pressing issue of construction materials being stored along public roads. These materials, which include bricks, cement, sand, gravel, wood, cow dung, and similar items, have been causing significant inconvenience to passersby and motorists, it said.

The notice, effective immediately, requests that those responsible for storing construction materials on either side of the road or anywhere along public thoroughfares take action within two days to clear the area of these obstructions. This measure aims to ensure the smooth and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles without any hindrances.

Failure to comply with this directive will result in the concerned department taking action to remove the materials at the owner’s expense. Furthermore, legal proceedings will be initiated against those found in violation of this order.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Basharat Qayoom emphasized the importance of collective responsibility in maintaining public infrastructure and safety. He urged everyone to cooperate and promptly address this matter.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to act swiftly to avoid any inconvenience, financial penalties, or legal consequences. For further inquiries or clarifications, individuals may contact the R&B Division office in Rajpouri, the notice mentioned.

He told Free Press Kashmir that the adminsitration has seized the construction material. “Will invoke crpc 133 all across viz a viz road obstructions,” he said, adding, any public nuisance is dealt by this.

The notice followed after residents on Saturday complained that people block roads by dumping construction material there, resulting in mishaps and inconvenience.

They said that a young man lost his life in a road accident at Kangan Pulwama on Saturday and the reason behind was dumping of construction material on road.

“It has become habit of some persons to dump construction material, cow dung and other things on road leading to accidents,” said local resident said.

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