Kashmiri youth represents bikers in Thailand with ‘save water’ message

Hamdani started his bike journey to reach Thailand from Kashmir to participate in this international event.

Srinagar: A 20-year-old Kashmiri youth Syed Shamoon Ahmad Hamadani has recently represented bikers in Thailand with a message ‘save water’.

Hailing from Srinagar, Hamdani ventured into Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar’s border, and represented India at the prestigious ‘Phuket Bike Week’ in May. He invited other bikers to visit India and explore its beauty. 

Hamadani’s passion for biking ignited in 2021 when he received a Royal Enfield bike from his father as an 18th birthday gift. What started as a means to commute to his tuition center soon transformed into a deep-seated love for adventure.

He shares a strong bond with his father, an educationist who was also a biker in his youth and had explored the rugged terrains of Ladakh during his teenage years. This shared enthusiasm for biking helped Hamadani gain his family’s support for pursuing his passion.

Speaking about his journey, Hamadani said, “Whenever I used to ride the bike, I felt a totally different feeling. It looked like a new adventure to me.”

Initially, his mother was understandably worried about his two-wheeler rides and accompanied him on his biking expeditions but later allowed him for solo trips.

Hamadani now owns three bikes. His ambitions extend beyond borders, as he aspires to carry the message of ‘save water’ to many other countries through his adventures.

Offering advice to fellow youth, he emphasized, “My message for youth is to ride with care and with proper gear. Don’t risk yours and others’ lives as it is precious.” His journey serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the power of passion and family support in achieving one’s dreams.

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