Lebanon’s Hezbollah exchanges fire with Israel day after Palestine’s Hamas soldiers launch operation

Palestinian bulldozers demolishing the smart-technology barrier at the Gaza border. [Photo: X/ytirawi]

In the latest development, the ongoing clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas soldiers have escalated tensions.

On Sunday, fierce fighting continued in the streets of Israel’s south, with additional concerns arising as Lebanon’s Hezbollah forces exchanged strikes with Israeli forces in the north.

The situation arose after an unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas from Gaza, increasing the likelihood of a broader conflict.

However, the Hamas operation is a response to the decades-long atrocities faced by Palestinians, including the ongoing situation in Gaza and the treatment of Palestinian people, as well as concerns regarding the sanctity of holy sites such as Al-Aqsa mosque.

Hamas soldiers, armed with thousands of rockets, breached Israeli barricades early on Saturday, leading to their rampage through nearby Israeli communities. Disturbingly, they took captives, including women, children, and the elderly, back into the coastal enclave. In response, Israel launched retaliatory strikes in Gaza, causing widespread destruction. Israel’s prime minister declared the country to be at war, and the conflict resulted in significant casualties, including the reported deaths of at least 300 people, including 26 soldiers.

The toll on civilians has been devastating, with at least 250 people killed in Gaza. Israeli media has been broadcasting emotional accounts from the relatives of captive or missing Israelis, adding to the gravity of the situation. In Gaza, residents have been forced to flee their homes to seek refuge from the relentless Israeli airstrikes, heeding warnings from the Israeli military and finding shelter in schools. The international community closely watches these developments as concerns grow about the potential for further escalation in the region.

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