Tens of thousands of protesters rally on London streetsagainst Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied on the streets of London seking end to killings in Israel. [Photo: Screengrab]

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied across the Middle East and in parts of Asia, Europe and the United States on Friday in support of Palestinians and condemnation of Israel as it intensified its strikes on Gaza killing over 2,100 Palestinians so far.

Tensions escalate in the heart of the UK as the government issues stern warnings of potential crackdowns on pro-Palestine activists and demonstrators. Against this backdrop, a resounding wave of support for the Palestinian cause flooded the streets of London, with throngs of individuals voicing their solidarity amidst Israel’s ongoing bombardment and siege of Gaza.

The recent surge in pro-Palestine sentiments follows the UK government’s expressed concerns over the rising demonstrations. The populace’s spirited response reflects a unified call for greater humanitarian aid and support for the Palestinian people, underscoring the urgency of addressing the prevailing crisis in the region.

As the streets resonate with chants of solidarity and banners demanding justice, the dialogue surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intensifies, compelling the global community to reevaluate its stance on the issue.

Meanhwile, in Jewish communities in the US, France and elsewhere rallies were held in support of Israel to attack Palestinians.

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