US main actor in Gaza killings and infrastructure destruction, says Iran

Strikes by the Zionist regime’s warplanes on a residential complex in Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza housing displaced and defenseless people left more than 100 people martyred and dozens wounded. [Photo: X/IRIMFA_SPOX]

Iran has strongly criticised the United States for vetoing a UN Security Council resolution that called for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, condemned the US, stating that the veto demonstrates the US government’s role as the main actor in the killing of civilians, particularly women and children, and the destruction of vital infrastructure in Gaza.

Kanaani accused the US of repeatedly showing alliance and cooperation with Israel in committing war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian nation.

The UN Security Council draft resolution, supported by nearly 100 member states, was vetoed by the US, while the UK abstained from voting.

The resolution aimed to halt the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza, where Israel resumed its military offensive on December 1 after a week-long pause.

The death toll in Gaza has been rising, with at least 17,487 Palestinians killed and over 46,480 others injured in air and ground attacks since October 7, following a cross-border attack by Hamas. The Israeli death toll in the conflict, according to official figures, stands at 1,200.

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