Blast near Israel embassy: Delhi police records statements of 10 witnesses

Police personnel outside Israeli Embassy in New Delhi after a blast on December 26, 2023.

New Delhi: Delhi Police conducted investigation as statements were recorded on Thursday with some people who claimed to have heard the explosion near the Israeli embassy, according to an official.

The police have compiled a list of people present near the location before the low-intensity blast on Tuesday using CCTV footage. Statements from 10 people, including security personnel and bystanders who reported hearing the explosion and witnessing smoke, have been documented, PTI reported.

By analysing dump data from active mobile phones in the vicinity and examining CCTV footage, authorities have identified and questioned some individuals on Thursday.

Forensic reports are awaited to determine the components of the explosive, with samples collected from leaves and soil at the scene by experts from the National Security Group (NSG) and Delhi Police on Wednesday.

“Their reports are still awaited,” the officer was quoted as. saying in PTI report.

The blast occurred in the area between the boundary walls of the house on plot number 4— Nanda’s House— and the Central Hindi Training Institute on plot number 2A on Prithviraj Road. While no one was injured, an “abusive” letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador was discovered near the site, officials said.

Though the case has not yet been formally registered, officials from the Special Cell and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are also involved in the investigation, as per another official. The matter is being looked into by the Special Cell and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), despite the case not being officially registered.

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